Avoid Tolls, Discover Toll Free routes
Avoid Tolls, Discover Toll Free routes
How to avoid Tolls on Sydney, New South Wales to Newcastle, New South Wales road trip

Alternate routes for driving from Sydney to Newcastle. Find free route and compare with toll route to find the right alternative for your road trip by car. and free routes are drawn on same map in order to know how to avoid , turnpike roads and toll bridges. Toll Free Route is in blue color. Fastest route (Toll route) is in red color. If there is no Toll (toll) free route found, fastest route (Toll ) is shown. Click on "Show Route Differences" button to see how much more you have to drive in order to avoid Toll . It will help you in budgeting your road trips efficiently.

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Toll Free Route:
Distance =
Driving Time =
Toll Route:
Distance =
Driving Time =
Difference in Routes:
Extra Distance =
Extra Drive Time =

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I will be taking my caravan through Sydney and hope to by-pass the tolls due to high cost (I live in Victoria). Is there a no-toll route I can take to get me through Sydney on A1 and then continue south of Sydney on A1? TIAposted on 24-Aug-2022  by Mick Bourke

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Looking for how to avoid Toll from Sydney to Newcastle Road Trip ? You can find Toll free route between Sydney and Newcastle. You can compare the Toll free route with toll road routes in Australia. provides better option than google maps in comparing toll free routes with the toll routes. You can explore all road routes with or without tolls to travel in Australia. You can find both routes (toll free, and fastest route with posible toll) and decide which is the best suited for your outstation trip and vacation!

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